Conference Videos for “Swinburne” Conference at Purdue

This website includes videos of the presentations (and replies and Q&A) at the Sept 25-27, 2014 conference at Purdue University entitled “Faith and Reason: Themes from Swinburne” (sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation, Center for Philosophy of Religion at Notre Dame, and the Society of Christian Philosophers).   For more information about the conference and sponsors, including paper abstracts and the conference schedule, see the conference website.  Videos may be accessed by clicking on the tabs above or on the speaker’s name below.  Photographs taken at the Swinburne Banquet may also be accessed by clicking on the tab above for photos.

Session 1: Jonathan Kvanvig (Baylor), “The Idea of Faith as Trust: Lessons in NonCognitivist Approaches to Faith

Session 2: John Schellenberg (Mount Saint Vincent), “Working with Swinburne: Belief, Value, and the Religious Life

Session 3: Alvin Plantinga (Notre Dame and Calvin), “Law, Cause, and Occasionalism

Session 4: Hud Hudson (Western Washington), “Swinburne’s Aesthetic Appeal

Session 5: Paul Draper (Purdue), “Simplicity and Natural Theology

Session 6: Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers), “Defining Omnipotence

Session 7: Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis), “Love and Forgiveness: Swinburne on the Atonement

Session 8: Nicholas Wolterstorff (Yale), “The Liturgical Present Tense

Session 9: Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame), “The Rev’d Mr Bayes and the Life Everlasting

Session 10: Marilyn McCord Adams (Rutgers and Australian Catholic), “What About Hylomorphism? Some Medieval And Recent Ruminations On Swinburne’s Dualism